Bark Cloth Frame


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Every masterpiece begins on a blank slate, and the Umbilini moumted bark cloth frame is the perfect place to start.

The process of making barkcloth existed before weaving was invented. Making it one of the oldest textiles in history.

Bark cloth is an ancient fabric made  by pounding the inner bark of the mutuba tree. Locally known as Olubugo, the ancient craft comes from the Baganda people of the Buganda.

The Ngonge clan was traditionally tasked to manufacture the barkcloth. Under the hereditary chief craftsman known as Kaboggoza, they would make the cloth for the Baganda royal family, as well as, the rest of the community. The process begins in the wet season, where they harvest the inner bark of the Mutuba tree that is at least eight years old.

Our Bark cloth frame is a must-have for artists of all abilities.

  • Bark Cloth mounter on 2×2cm pine wood frame
  • Can be utilized for a variety of mediums, including oil and acrylic paints. Use it to find your inspiration!
  • Custom sizes available

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