Fatima’s Bio

I Am…..Fatima Garelnabi a lover of the arts, self expression and self reflection. I resonate with nature and love to explore the world through my senses. I dont like wearing shoes and i love star gazing. For as long as I can remember I have loved music and art. I started writing songs when I was 7, during the long road trips to my mum’s home town in Fort Portal I would stick my head outside the window and sing for hours.

Art and drawing also came naturally. While we were on the farm I would draw the Rwenzori Mountains, the trees and flowers and the birds. It was easy because I was surrounded by so much beauty.

I started taking art and music seriously when I was 15 yrs old when we moved back to Kampala and started studying at Rainbow International School. My art teacher Mr Jeremy Ufoyuro and my music teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Bissaso laid the foundations of a dream that i was dedicated to make a reality.

My inspiration is mother nature. She is my role model. I started drawing with pen and ink – I love black and white images – before exploring acrylic painting.

In Arabic psychology translates as “knowledge of self”. I believe this is the foundation of our existence – to know thyself. This is when i consciously began to explore the inner realms of “Me”. Through meditation and positive affirmations i manifest this journey consciously. Aware that i choose my destiny and can influence the world around me with my words, thoughts and actions.

I have a background in music, art, psychology, aromatherapy, reflexology, soap and candle making, catering and event organising. Its a long list i love to learn. I studied Psychology at 2 overseas institutions, I’ve always loved psycholgy and observing behavior. What drew me to psycholgy is the ability to help others both mentally and emotionally. While i was studying Psychology i met teachers who taught me about meditation and the power of silence and stillness. This changed my view of life and I decided to dedicate this life time to thriving and not just surviving.

Whilst studying overseas I also managed and performed with my band Indigo & the Lights, playing at major festivals and the premier Jazz club in Southeast Asia. I also helped to organize events and festivals. With music, art and psychology I have been able to design workshops and classes that are not only fun but also help people to heal, relieve stress, create constructive coping mechanisms and communicate thoughts and emotions that words can’t describe. My dream is to use the knowledge, gifts and talents I am blessed with to inspire others to do what they love and love what they do. To dream because “the only limitation is our imagination” Jah 9

I currently live in Kampala, Uganda with my family. Being a mom has changed my perception of reality – realising that one day I will be an ancestor has made me rethink every action. I now ask myself what I can create or build that will be of service to all of creation and help others reach their highest potential.



‘Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.’ Rumi


it is all in our focus. With eath though, emotion and action we are creating. We can choose to paint our canvases by default or consciously with every breath.


Do it from the heart or not at all. This is my foundation, i did my time doing things and being in places that did not serve my highest good. Now i do what i love unapologetically and hope to inspire other to do the same. I believe that everything will manifest in divine time and in divine order. I give thanks for the gifts and blessings by following my heart.

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