About Umbilini

Umbilini is inspired by a love for mother earth (mama heart) and a love for everything handmade, homemade and organic. It all began with a mission to do what we love and love what we do and to inspire others to express themselves through the arts.

Umbilini was founded by Fatima Garelnabi in 2016, with the aim to support artisans and keep the ancient arts alive. We wish to preserve and celebrate the works of the ancestors and honor self mastery.

6 Reasons to Have an Umbilini Experience


Make new friends and meet people who share the same interests.

There is nothing like having fun and creating masterpieces surrounded by like-minded people.


You will have the freedom to express yourself and communicate in your own unique way – no limitations, no rules, no boundaries, no right or wrong, no grades or exams.

Just do you and be you through any medium.


Without artistic creations how would we get new ideas or figure out different ways to do the same task?

The arts help inspire us to find or different ways to solve problems, allow us to view things differently, release stress and tension and find new ways to do and be in harmony with all.


When we are expressing our selves creatively we are focused on the present moment, this stills the mind and helps us enjoy the now and  improves memory, analytical skills, bilateral and fine motor co-ordination.


In a world with many tongues the arts become a bridge to build a universal language any one can understand, share and relate to. Art allows for communication of ideas, concepts and emotions that cannot be easily expressed in the spoken or written word.


Art is personal – what we create is a piece of us like one of our children.

We can connect with our conscious and unconscious selves and create balance. Sharing the experience with family and friends helps us

bond in a neutral setting.  The creative arts are non-competitive, there is one goal and one team.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A world with no squares, where we work together like the ants, clean up like the dung beetles and share the love like the bees. A world where we respect and celebrate mother earth and think outside the box while we turn trash into gold. The creatives of the world have the power to transform any space or material into art. Umbilini is here to manifest a future not buried in plastic bottles, plastic bags and toxic chemicals.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Umbilini values the freedom of self-expression and mastery in all we do. Our mission is to create a space and community for the arts, wellness and healing where people can come to learn new skills and keep alive ancient skills and arts in order to preserve them for future generations.

Classes & Workshops
Our Values

Our Values

We are lovers of everything handmade, homemade, organic, eco-friendly and value all that is for our highest good: old school bonding and hanging out with friends and family taking care of ourselves and each other. Getting off our phones, computers and other distractions and learning something new together.

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