Behind the Scenes

The preparation for our paint workshops and events involves the whole family. i appreciate all the help and support my family offer to manifest “Paint & Sip”

Robin “huby” makes the pinewood frames and mounts the primed cotton. Selassie counts and sorts the frames. He also supervises mummy to make sure I’m doing it right. I prime the canvas and create the events. Tara offers her encouraging “Da da da” on a hot day which is perfect for drying the primed cotton.

I’ve always want to work with my children not have to leave them at home and be gone all day. To be honest there are days when i need a minute to get organised. Sometimes my working hours are between 2am-5am. I cant complain…. They are my motivation. On the long days i remind myself “Da Kulu Lekum Intu” which means “This is all for you” in Arabic

I get to share this beautiful experience with my family and it means the world to me.

It is a blessing to share my dream to create sacred spaces for the Arts and self expression.