• Fred Lubega

    Chemical Engineer, Portrait & Mosaic Art Instructor

    I am a portrait artist by talent specialized in mosaic and pencil portraits but also a chemical engineer by profession. I have been doing this art for five years now focusing on the human face since it portrays everyone’s emotional expressions and habits.
    With the chemical engineering knowledge I transform the practice of using waste or unused materials back to finished products and greatly deals in Banana fiber mosaic art where art is produced by the arrangement of small pieces in different artistic alternations and this comes out with ultimate perfection of details.

    I produce mosaic art pieces for the uniqueness in art and as a way to appreciate our ancient artists but to an improved scale to match with the current and future generation quality satisfaction and always seek to transform this kind of art to the next generation. I chose to do black and white together with colored pencil portraits simply because a pencil provides an interesting opportunity to investigate the human condition in its physical and psychological aspects.