Palette Knife Set


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A set of 5pcs palette knives. Great for working with oil and/or acrylic paints on canvas. Spread paint quickly and evenly with extremely flexible steel blade and no sharpened edge.

Color: Reddish brown

Material: Stainless steel (blade) and wooden (handle)

Quantity:5 Pieces

Wooden Handle Size: Approx. 9.8*1.6cm / 3.86*0.62inch (L*W)

Blade Length: Approx. 3.6-9cm / 1.4-3.5inch

  • The 5 Piece Set includes 1-each of all 5 Standard Paint knife Styles. This high quality knife has been crafted with the finest stainless blade that resists all wear and corrosion.
  • Total length of palette knives range from #1-5: 16cm , 17.5cm , 18.8cm , 20cm, 22.3cm . Blade Sizes (Please see the image description).
  • Extremely flexible Stainless steel painting blade and no sharpened edge, with a light easy grip wooden handle.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe with a cloth or Use soap and warm water to clean the knives. In oil applications, use thinner or mineral spirits and do not immerse the blade in solvent or water.
  • Application: Scumbling, Smoothing, Smudging, Mixing, Pre-mixing Paint for Watercolor, Oil, Nail, Body, Face Painting / Miniature, Model, Craft, Rock Painting, etc. 


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