Craft Workshops

Donate to create craft making workshops for children and adults with sensory impairments. This craft workshops aims to share the love of creative self expression with everyone. Children and adults with sensory impairments should not be excluded.

The workshops will teach jewellery making, upcycling glass and plastic, pottery, crocheting, basket and Mukeka weaving. The talented Umbilini team will teach new skills that will allow the children and adults to communicate, raise awareness for their cause and empower themselves and their families.

Your contributions will pay for an instructor and all the materials needed for weekly workshops.

Umbilini is currently organising weekly jewelry making classes at Dorna Centre Home for Autism. Your donation will help us to continue offering weekly classes/workshops in different forms of arts and crafts and to expand to other schools and organisations in Uganda.

The crafts made during classes/workshops can be sold/auctioned to raise funds and support the organizations, the children and their families.

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Donation Total: $25.00