Benifits of Creativity

Everyday we learn new skills whether we are conscious of it of not. My daily routine is filled with exciting experiences. Taking care of a 2yr old and 4yr old requires creativity. If it’s sunny we paint or have a “poto class” Tara’s version of Pottery class. 

I want every activity they are doing to have a holistic ripple effect. Not just passing time and learning nothing. I believe as parents we are teachers and students and the world/life is our classroom.

Our tailormade classes/workshops are centered on holistic learning. When you book a class/workshop or Attend an event here are a few benifits summerised by Sylvia Duckworth  

1. Creativity is Multidisciplinary

Not only can you practice creativity through many different mediums, its benefits are applicable to almost all professions 

2. Creativity allows you to express yourself

An integral part of the human condition involves learning who we are and recognizing how that fits into the rest of the world. Creativity allows self-discovery, as well as the opportunity to share a hidden side of ourselves

3. Creativity promotes thinking and problem-solving

From technical details of writing, drawing, or composing to the challenge of creating, problem-solving is a required component of the creative process.

4.Creativity reduces stress and anxiety

People usually pursue creative projects because they enjoy the process or the outcome. Just the act of creating inspires a sense of contentment.








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