🌞Let’s Go Outside

I’ve always been drawn to nature. My mother is from Fort Portal, Uganda. I spent hours staring at the Rwenzori mountains. We grew up in a time before mobile phones and 24/7 TV. Our pass time was baking mud cakes and planting candy. We were raised by sunshine and fresh air.

The world today is different but we are old school parents. We don’t own a TV and our kids only get 30mins to 1hr of screen time. During that time they watch educational cartoons. It’s hard work because we have to keep them entertained.

So we paint, make pottery, plant seeds, harvest passion fruits, dance, sing, bake and cook together. It’s a 24 hour lifestyle.

When I organise workshops for children I remind myself that not all kids spend their time outdoors expressing themselves creatively. So I create workshops that encourage them to go outside and explore the world around them. I feel like it’s my duty because at the end of the day “it takes a village to raise a child”